Residential Community Homes

A Sense of Community

Our residential community homes offer models serving 4-5 individuals in a continuously supported and staffed environment, ensuring individuals are encouraged and offered opportunities to become valued members of the community.

Staff support individuals to engage in activities within the community, including personalized leisure activities, memberships and personal relationships while being encouraged to express themselves.

A Place to Call Home

The Arc of Opportunity prides itself on offering adaptive and innovative layouts to their community residential properties to maximize independence within the home.

Our residential community homes span the areas of Fitchburg, Leominster, Pepperell, Auburn and Worcester. However, our outreach and connections into the neighboring communities are vast allowing for diverse and rich connections into many neighboring communities, which they are supported in maintaining.

Our newest community homes in Auburn, Fitchburg and Leominster feature fully accessible grade-level homes for ease of access for non-ambulatory individuals and offer adaptive layout design modifications to support the specific residents residing in the homes.

  • Accessible kitchens with wheelchair-height appliances and countertops
  • Custom wheelchair-height dining tables
  • Ceiling lift-tracking systems in common and bedroom areas allowing for seamless and safe transfers
  • Bedrooms with individual means of egress capable of evacuating hospital beds in event of evacuation
  • “Safe Rooms” featuring separate concrete foundations and storm shutters to allow staff and individuals to “shelter” in place safely during weather emergencies
  • Fully accessible bathrooms with ceiling tracking for ease of transfers as well as accessible showers and a therapeutic whirlpool tub
  • Separate den common area for privacy when individuals visit with family and friends
  • Rear, accessible covered porches to enjoy the warmer weather

Quality Service Begins with Quality People

Staff in our residential community homes are the lifeblood of our mission in creating quality community residential supports for our individuals.

Staff are fully trained in specific areas pertinent to the population of individuals supported to ensure quality supports are delivered.

  • Unique Needs training specific to individuals diagnosis, medical needs and adaptive devices
  • Training on effective use and institution of Positive Behavior Supports techniques to assist staff in more efficiently addressing problem behaviors and recognizing behavior as a means of communication.
  • Training on effective management of escalating or aggressive problem behaviors via Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)
  • Training on administration of medications
  • Other training includes nutritional and food texture support, sensitivity, neutral writing and confidentiality

Additional services:

  • Assistance with medical appointments
  • 24/7 support staffing to assist with individual needs and challenges
  • Staff assistance to plan and utilize appropriate fund management, including rep payee program
  • Transportation to outings and events of individuals choice to become integrated and valued community members
  • Staff assistance with medication administration and/or self-medication
  • Fully trained staff members available to support individuals through training for specific needs and diagnosis while being equipped to respond in the event of an emergency

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