Our Mission

To create and support lifetime opportunities in the community for individuals with disabilities and their families to reach their fullest potential by providing advocacy, education, employment, residential, and recreational services to enhance quality of life.

The Arc Value Statements

We commit to support each other as we serve people with disabilities and other similar service needs to do the following:

  • To give people the tools to be as independent as they can be in order to live a full, active and integrated life as valued and contributing members of the community
  • To insure that people are affirmed as individuals and given choice
  • To believe in and create an environment where all people are valued for their strengths and their abilities to succeed as well as their capacity to learn from mistakes and experience reasonable risk with dignity
  • To collaborate with others to insure community awareness and education
  • To have qualified, trustworthy staff invested in agency values
  • To have an environment where all people are encouraged to contribute positively to their community to the full extent that their abilities allow
  • To provide quality supports that are dynamic based on changing needs and strengths and that the commitment to succeed is a shared value
  • To be a leader in developing innovative supports with honest, open and clear communication
  • To treat everyone with respect, dignity and fairness

Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share our strategic planning document with you, our business partners, our funders, our families, our volunteers and our friends. It provides Alliance for Resource Management with a three-year roadmap for supports, services and organization development.

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