DESE/DDS Program

The DESE/DDS program at The Arc is available to families who have been selected by the Department of Developmental Services and have received funding from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The DESE/DDS program provides additional supports for children with disabilities up to the age of 22. The program is designed to support families with the proper resources so that their child is able to remain in their family home and community. Families participating in the DESE/DDS program at The Arc have direct access to the DESE/DDS Director who will assist families with creating a DESE/DDS Support Plan (DDSP) for their child. The Director’s role is to work in collaboration with the family and the Department of Developmental Services to provide the most beneficial supports for the child. This collaboration is to ensure that there is a continuation of supports provided whether the child is at home, in school, or out in the community.

The purpose of the DESE/DDS program is to provide successful supports that work with both the DDSP and the financial resources available. We are here to help children achieve their fullest potential while reaching milestones, gaining self-confidence, and have continued integration into their community.

The DESE/DDS support program is available through the child's 22nd birthday. At that point, the DESE/DDS Director will work closely with the family to provide assistance in transition planning (turning 22) for the child. There are a number of programs at The Arc which can continue to provide assistance and supports to encourage the continued growth of the individual.

For additional information about our DESE/DDS program please contact: Vanessa Adams

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