Shared Living

The Arc of Opportunity’s Shared Living residential program pairs adults with disabilities with non-family members who have the desire, ability, and available accommodations in their home to support an individual as a Home Care Provider.

The staff at The Arc consider both the individual's and the Home Care Provider's aspirations, personal choices, lifestyle, and needs, to create an environment that respects both parties and will promote an atmosphere of comfort, growth, and independence.

After a successful pairing with an individual, the Home Care Provider and the individual will receive continual support from The Arc of Opportunity. The individual will receive periodic visits from The Arc of Opportunity staff in regards to all their needs, including medical needs. Home Care Providers will receive training on how to handle the unique challenges of supporting a person with a disability.

The Home Care Provider in the Shared Living Program is not simply a caregiver but also an advocate, mentor and a friend that promotes a sense of independence through skill development and community integration.

If you are interested in learning more about The Arc of Opportunity's Shared Living supports please contact: Kathleen Kopitsky


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