Independent Competitive Employment Supports

Independent Competitive Employment Supports provides individuals with three phases of support to ensure the greatest opportunity for success:

  • Evaluation & Assessment: The Arc’s employment team provides a 5-day, 40-hour structured work assessment in the community at one of our local partners. Assessment findings shed light on individual strengths, weaknesses, stamina, and overall work readiness.
  • Job Development & Placement: The Arc’s job developer works to create connections with local businesses and works to educate prospective employers of the valuable contributions persons with disabilities can make to the workforce. Job development and placement is highly individualized and stems from the interests, strengths, and work preferences of the individual.
  • Ongoing Job Coaching & Support: Job coaches are pivotal to success for many individuals with disabilities in employment. The Arc’s job coaches offer 1:1 support in the workplace, offering support and guidance which ultimately fosters maximal client independence. Once the individual has obtained the skills necessary to complete tasks more independently, job coaching supports fade to allow for the least restrictive supports needed.

To learn more about Independent Competitive Employment Supports please contact: Joshua Preville

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