Tools + Empowerment = Success

The Arc’s employment team continues to empower individuals for the workforce and recently has prepared rigorously for a job fair held on July 17 at the Great Wolf Lodge. The employment team started with the basics such as creating a resume, job interest assessments, and role-playing. The opportunity to have dozens of employers in one location is a valuable step in the job search process and the experience would benefit individuals seeking employment.

As The Arc’s Job Developer, I spent time with every individual to explain the concept of job fairs and the possible opportunities that can come from attending. The employment team prepared and held a workshop the week ahead to develop the skills needed at job fairs. Understanding preparation leads to success, we prepared attendees on the expectations of employers. The focus of the workshop was networking, first & last impressions, and proper attire. At the end of the workshop, time was spent on role-playing exercises to ensure confidence when talking with employers.

To further ensure success, personalized business cards were created, one of the most important tools for leaving an impression. The cards featured the individual’s contact information on the front side and highlights from their resume on the back. The Arc empowered individuals to hand their card to employers at the job fair and when networking in the business community.

On the day of the job fair, it was clear the group was ready to make connections and find jobs. After a brief refresher, the professionally attired group loaded onto the bus and set off for Great Wolf Lodge. All nerves aside, the job fair could not have gone any smoother. The group spent time speaking with local employers about available positions while the employment team discussed individual employment and group employment opportunities. The day was a win-win for everyone involved. The individuals presented themselves in a very professional manner and made lasting impressions with the local employers.

After the job fair, the team debriefed to discuss impressions from the event. The group started with little experience and put the incredible effort in preparing themselves for their first job fair. The whole employment team believes the job fair was a complete success adding that the group was able to meet many diverse employers. The Arc is optimistic to collaborate with new businesses through employment sites after the overwhelming success of this event. The team will be planning another trip to a job fair soon! The Arc congratulates all involved!

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