Leaving An Impact – The 2017 Annual Auction Fundraiser

The Arc of Opportunity's 2017 Annual Auction held in November was an event filled with energy and excitement that continued to build as the generosity poured out of one person after another throughout the night. Experience based auction items, such as trips and family fun day packages, drew lots of interest and inspired competitive bidding. The theme of the event, "leave an impact", was truly embraced as the winner of the 50/50 raffle donated the winnings back to the auction followed by the winner of the gift card tree donating the item back to be bid on in the live auction. Dozens of people also raised their paddles when the “Fund-A-Need” donation was announced. Each single "Fund-A-Need" donation has the potential to not only sponsor an individual at a recreation activity but will also allow the time needed for family and caregivers to take care of other responsibilities. These smaller donations coming from so many bidders made a significant impact on the night's success!

The Jewelry box game was also a big hit with its participants hoping to be the one to go home with a beautiful green amethyst necklace set in silver and gold from Duvarney Jewelers. All the pretty boxes sold out early but the participants had to eagerly wait until the end of the night when they were called up front to open their boxes to reveal the winner. Our attendees came out this year not to find a bargain but to "leave an impact" on the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families by bidding high and offering an amazing amount of generosity. The auction wrapped up with over $30,000 raised for our Family Support program!

This success did not come easily or without a great deal of work and creative thinking by many. The auction committee gained some new and very motivated members this year. Working together with the many long serving members resulted in a rejuvenated team who quickly went to work securing donated items, soliciting friends and contacts to attend the event, securing sponsors, and planning all the details to make this year’s event special for all. Some of the changes this year included a new venue at the Double Tree in Leominster, a new “fall” theme, Fund-A-Need, more "experienced based" auction items, and the addition of two new raffles.

With this great success comes many, many thanks. First of all we want to thank all who attended the event and offered their generosity by bidding on items, participating in the raffles, and even donating back what they won. Next, we need to thank all of our sponsors and item donors who came through to create a substantial base to ensure a successful fundraiser. And lastly, to all of the members of the auction committee who gave their time, talent, and treasure to ensure that this was a night to remember.

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