Everyone has the Right to Live in Their Community

Kathy is a new face at The Arc of Opportunity who has recently joined the Adult Foster Care (AFC) Program. Kathy’s family moved to Central Massachusetts from the Metrowest area and The Arc of Opportunity was perfect to provide needed supports. She lives with her daughter, who is her paid Home Care Provider, and her daughter’s family.

Kathy is one of over 1 million Americans who have Parkinson’s disease. This disease causes Kathy to experience tremors and difficulty walking. Completing everyday tasks that were once part of her daily routine are now more difficult and require assistance.

Before relocating, Kathy had an organization in the Metrowest area care supporting her needs; however there are few things as comforting as the care of a family member. As a paid Home Care Provider of the AFC program at The Arc of Opportunity, Cheryl receives a stipend to care for her mother and also receives clinical support to get the job done.

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease causes Kathy to experience days where she cannot be productive as her hands badly tremble badly; she can also have difficulty standing up. However, her positivity causes her to be upbeat and a gracious woman who does not let her disability limit her from enjoying life. Having family nearby providing needed support, simply multiplies the level of enjoyment.

Kathy and Cheryl travel together to visit other relatives. She and Cheryl have become familiar with this area and Kathy enjoys attending the Fitchburg Senior Center. Kathy and Cheryl have also met some of their new neighbors and can’t wait until the warm weather arrives so they can spend time in their yard. Kathy said that she really likes living in Central Massachusetts a lot more than the Metrowest area.

The Arc of Opportunity believes that everyone has the right to live at home, in a community of their choice, with supports based on their particular needs. By sharing people’s lives, the professionals at The Arc of Opportunity meet people and families managing disabilities where they are and walk with them to greater possibilities that a life in the community represents.

Kathy and her daughter Cheryl are living proof of this principle. They enjoy each other’s company and compassion. Cheryl cares for her mother in a way that only a family member can. It is clear that Kathy is comfortable with her family and is an active participant in managing her own care and making decisions about her life. The Arc's AFC program supports families to stay together and provides the necessary assistance that can improve the quality of life for everyone involved.

Welcome to The Arc of Opportunity, Kathy!

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