The Arc makes Sunshine this Summer

Summer kicked off with two great staycation activities in June. Tuan, Melissa, Robert, and Alan along with staff Jennifer and Karen headed to Hampton Beach. The rain held off and although the temperature was cool, the group enjoyed an outdoor lunch at the Sea Ketch. After lunch, they walked to a nearby pavilion to enjoy the music of a local band and watch the construction of sand sculptures that were intricately detailed and meticulously handcrafted. The day ended with visits to many beach vendors to purchase unique gifts and memorabilia as reminders of the trip.

The second trip was to Boston. To start the day, the group enjoyed burgers and fries for lunch at Mooyah, a chain restaurant known to create a fun environment for their guests. Adding to the fun, the group took a relaxing ride on the swan boats in the Boston Public Gardens. Interesting fact: the swan boats have been in operation since 1877! After the ride, the group walked around the Boston Common. At the end of the day, the group had walked over three miles, while soaking up the sun, culture, sights, and sounds in the city of Boston.

With future trips planned, The Arc will check back in at the end of summer to share the exciting experiences from individuals we support.

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