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Opportunity in North Central Massachusetts

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Vocational Supports

One of The Arc of Opportunity’s primary desires is for an individual with a disability to have the expectation that they can live meaningful lives. Through our Community-Based Day Employment Supports (CBDES) program we are striving to make that a reality.

To achieve this, we provide “person-centered” plan managers to help focus and support our individuals to achieving their self-determined goals by encouraging them to make meaningful community connections through employment.



  • Our Group Employment Support sites allow those who require ongoing, consistent support to make significant contributions to the workforce. Through staff...
  • Our Individual Employment Supports allow those who are able, the opportunity to develop and placed into a work environment that lines with their interests,...
  • Youth age 16-22 with disabilities face the daunting task of transitioning from school-based services to adult services and the world of employment. The Arc...