Working To Our Fundamentals

I began at The Arc this past November and one of the first items on the list during our onboarding process was learning about "The Way of The Arc" and our "Fundamentals". There are 31 fundamentals and each week one of these fundamentals is highlighted for all of our employees to review and reflect upon how we live these out and how they are so important in providing support to the individuals we serve.

There are so many employees from the Executive Team, down to our Relief Staff, that live these fundamentals each and every day! One person I would like to highlight is our Division Director or Nursing - Laural Aiesi. Laural is also new to The Arc, however, it is as if she has been with us forever.

Laural truly lives, breathes, and holds all of our fundamentals close to her heart and this shows in her work. Laural goes above and beyond to help solidify care for our clients, not just within our nursing Division, but with all who she works with. Laural truly "does right by our clients”, “treats people with dignity”, “makes quality personal”, and “leads by example”. I can't tell you how many conversations, emails, and after hours conversations we have had to ensure that all individuals have quality care! Laural is someone who “delivers legendary service” every time!

Laural is just one example of the great employees, leadership, and teammates we have at The Arc that help us provide great services to our individuals!

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