The Way of The Arc Champion for November is Rene Sullivan, CBDES

Rene has certainly hit the ground running, or rather, sprinting, since arriving at The Arc. Her tenacity, creativity and results-oriented personality equipped her to tackle the daunting task of launching brain injury day programming. She has met with countless brain injury organizations to assess for best practices, developed a thoughtful business plan and continues to think outside the box in her program development. Simply put, she is not afraid of taking risks but has worked to make sure any risk that is taken is a thoughtful, intelligent risk. As we move into the calendar year 2018 Rene is soon to launch a peer support program for persons with a brain injury; this marks the first venture into brain injury day programming. This is a feat her predecessors, including myself, cannot toot their horn about!

While Rene is currently housed within CBDES from an organizational standpoint, she has no job duties associated with our current day program function. From seeing her interactions, you would think otherwise. Rene has clearly demonstrated that she thinks team first. She has offered support with CBDES ratios, lead groups, and has held down the fort on the work floor as we worked to resolve staffing concerns. She is a well-rounded leader, the type of leadership this organization needs to carry our mission further. I look forward to seeing what her future work does to better the services afforded to persons with disabilities, though I am certain it is a bright future.

Congratulations Rene!

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