The Way of The Arc Champion for May 2018 is Kevin Motta

Kevin is one of our unsung heroes behind the scenes that makes this agency run, helps me and countless others on demand, and sets the example when it comes to living up to our fundamentals. I am not going to ramble on about how Kevin can set up or solve almost any technology related challenge/problem that has come up, I am just going to talk about how he goes about delivering that service. Kevin comes in every day “being positive”. He is never grumbling around complaining about too much work, too many IT tickets, etc. Kevin is always “here now” by being focused and engaged to “deliver legendary service” every day. Kevin is always “keeping things fun” while dispensing technical wizardry or just basic help to the staff in need with a quick joke or one-liner such as asking the question “How is your computer working now? Staff responds “seems all ok now that you did the update”… Kevin responds… “I can fix that!”

Kevin has the “human touch” when it comes to interacting with our clients especially. He is always responsive, polite, and “treats them with dignity” when working in the program areas. I am very keen on this because it is not in the average IT person’s skill set. I try not to bother Kevin a lot, but because of what I do here I am probably on his “oh… him again!” list but you would never know it. One last thing about Kevin, he is also good at “speaking straight”. Every time I ask him for a new laptop he just laughs at me.

Nominated by: Brian Foster, Executive Assistant/Development Associate

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