The Way of The Arc Champion for March 2021 is Roxanna Mayas, Senior Case Manager, Individualized in Home Supports

Roxanna is a Senior Case Manager for IIHS and is an integral part of our foundation. She embodies the fundamentals on a day-to-day basis. Recently, IIHS has seen some staff turnover. Without hesitation, Roxanna led by example. She went the extra mile to provide supports to individuals who didn’t have an assigned case manager at the time. She helped by assisting in important medical appointments, attending ISPs, updating HCSIS documentation, and communicating with key team members. This is all in addition to her regular caseload and responsibilities.

One example of Roxanna delivering legendary service was when an individual was really upset about changes in supports that she contemplated. Not only did Roxanna comfort this young woman, but she also communicated with the family every step of the way. She stepped in to provide weekly visits and phone calls. Roxanna even set up a meeting with her and the program director. By doing this she empowered the individual to make an informed decision. It was Roxanna’s ability to go the extra mile and do what’s right by the client that swayed the individual to keep her current supports.

Roxanna was also a key person in a new difficult case we had. She leveraged her knowledge and good rapport with Fitchburg Housing to assist a woman to find a new apartment on multiple occasions. This seems minuscule, but this was an integral part of this woman’s life to provide a solid foundation, decrease anxiety, and increase the quality of life. If Roxanna did not have the ongoing communication with DDS this would not have been possible.

Roxanna carries a wealth of knowledge not only about IIHS but local resources and services. She is hardworking and says she functions best with a little chaos. This is great because no two weeks look the same. For these reasons and much more, I nominate Roxanna for The Way of The Arc Champion for the month of March.

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