The Way of The Arc Champion for July 2020 is Kevin Liddy, Facility Team Member

Throughout the entire COVID pandemic, from disinfecting homes to building cleaning, to the large amount of preparation for getting Main Street ready to reopen, Kevin has been first in line to take on any task to “Do what’s right by the client”. Kevin helped to maximize the department’s efficiency by consistently taking a pro-active approach towards his work, as well as being the first to volunteer, and always works to a standard above and beyond the expectations of his position, consistently “Taking ownership” of his responsibilities. Kevin does not simply complete his tasks, he actively contributes to the methods used and helps to establish best practices, being “Relentless about improvement”.

Kevin’s involvement in the residential disinfection led to a substantial increase in efficiency, reducing the time required from 4.5 hours to under 3 while ensuring that the original disinfection routine was improved upon to create the safest possible environment for staff and individuals alike. Much of the way we handle cleaning and disinfection throughout the agency was developed with his input on the practicality and implementation of various procedures. We could not have gotten to where we are as quickly or effectively as we have without Kevin’s input and tremendous work every day. Having worked side by side with him during the disinfection of the residential homes as well as through the reopening of Main Street, I can without question attest that Kevin “Makes quality personal” in all of his work. He consistently strives to provide the safest, cleanest, and well-maintained environment for both the staff and individuals in both our residences and Main Street locations. Across the residences and Main Street, Kevin’s work is evidence of his ability to “Do it right the first time”.

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