The Way of The Arc Champion for July 2018 is Mandy Woodard

Mandy is the Residential LPN for Foster, Glen, Spencer, and the newest home in Hubbardston. These are some of the most medically complex homes with the highest acuity over the past few months. She has medically supported these needs in an exceptional manner with the individuals’ best interest in mind at all times.

She has gone above and beyond on many different occasions and outshined in her work. She is truly a dedicated member of the residential team and genuinely is motivated in supporting the individuals we serve. She has spent many long hours establishing, training, and supporting other staff as we opened the new home in Hubbardston. She has exceeded her job expectations while maintaining poise, professionalism, and modesty within her role. She has empowered not only the four women in the Hubbardston home to have the quality of life they so deserve; she has also impacted many others across all settings to become empowered and thrive for the betterment of our vision and mirroring our Fundamentals here at The Arc of Opportunity.

The second Nomination for Mandy- Upon seeing how hard Mandy works around her homes for the past several months, I was moved to nominate her for The Way of The Arc Champion. I know her job takes her to a lot of area homes but she is always no farther away than a call or an e-mail. She is very quick to respond and always gives my staff and me the very best advice based on the resident’s needs. She always makes time to come out to see the individual if they are sick even with just a minor cold. Individuals have mentioned to me personally “how nice the nurse is to come see [us] when [we] are sick”. I emailed Mandy early one Monday morning as a resident was staying home from day program that day. Mandy e-mailed me right back stating that she would be able to come over in an hour to see them. She had to re-arrange her schedule that day as she has done many times before to accommodate Being Here Now for the residents. Mandy consistently demonstrates our fundamental of Going the Extra Mile. My staff and I always thank her for coming out to see the individuals and to follow up and she always does so with a smile and says “anytime.” I know Mandy always puts our residents first each and every day and that is a champion to me.

Nominated by: Amanda Vasquez and Nicholas DiMucci

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