The Way of The Arc Champion for January 2021 is David Rocheleau, Job Coach, Employment Supports

When most people think of David, they think of fundamental number 31, Keep things fun. While this is a great description of David and the joy that he brings to those around him, the past two months have made it clear that David also demonstrates Going the extra mile in a powerful way. When the employment team sought an increase in referrals from MRC, David took the lead in Collaborating with our partners, utilizing his long history with this particular funder to motivate them into a stronger referral chain. When support was needed at a brand-new group employment site, David remembered to Think team first and rearranged his schedule to help provide support to employment staff feel comfortable and confident on the first day.

David also Listens generously, standing by to provide support one morning when one of the day program individuals (whom he does not provide job coaching) needed to release some pent-up emotions. David Leads by example, consistently taking on moments of leadership that extend beyond his typical role here at The Arc, whether he is supporting his team members or just helping me to complete a task that he has historic knowledge of. I also love the way that David Celebrates success, whether he is reporting on his own success or speaking on the success of team members, he always does it with a smile and reminds those around him how important it is to Be positive.

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