The Way of The Arc Champion for February 2021 is Amanda Ludwig, Shift Lead, Apple Tree

I would like to nominate Amanda Ludwig for her assistance with the Foster Street program. Amanda has taken the 5th Fundamental Make quality personal, personal to her. Amanda has gone out of her way to assist at Foster Street, and while she has been there working shifts, she has always left the program a bit better than it was before she got there. Amanda has an uncanny ability to find something great in each situation, and she is able to navigate challenging situations with great leadership skills.

I also feel that along with Making quality personal she is able to Be here now. Amanda is present in the program at Apple Tree often running the shift and taking on additional tasks. When Amanda is at Foster Street, she takes the same outlook and has the same motivation as she does when she is at her home program.

I really appreciate everything that Amanda has done for all of the programs, all of the staff, and I really do believe The Arc is a better place with her here.

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