The Way of The Arc Champion for December 2020 is Constance Pinamang, Hamilton Shift Lead

Constance is a devoted member of the team at Hamilton, and she consistently goes the extra mile. She is flexible, showing up to cover shifts even when she is not scheduled. During a snow day, one of the individuals wanted to make a stop for coffee after their doctor appointment, Constance did not just say no because it was snowing outside. She assessed the condition outside and decided to make the stop so the individual could get a coffee. For the individual, Constance’s action shows how she goes the extra mile.

Constance shares information and relates well with all staff. She is very supportive of her management team. She takes the time to share her knowledge about the individuals with all staff to ensure the team provides the best care possible. Constance is always there to share information with staff on things like each individual’s bedtime, medication needs, or even their personal preferences for activities. Constance helps provide answers when staff have questions about work responsibilities, and she coaches staff when it comes to talking to guardians. Given that we currently use so many relief staff to cover our day shifts, she is always observed teaching them how to do the necessary reports, and how to write progress notes.

As the Shift Lead, Constance helps to support the program and make it successful. She has taken on the responsibility of running the FTR’s for the program. As the point person, she always has the report ready on time to review with the Residential Manager, and each time she does the report it is 100% accurate.

Constance addresses the needs of the individuals and does what’s right by the client. She knows what food each of the individuals likes as well as their dietary needs. Constance is a great thought partner who always has creative strategies to help redirect the individuals in ways that helps them succeed in meeting their health goals. She works exceptionally well with the entire team of staff at the Hamilton program and is known to be a person to lead by example. She takes great pride in always being on time and hardly ever calls out of work. Her attitude towards the job demonstrates to the entire team what is expected. Thank you, Constance, for your contributions to the success of the Hamilton program!

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