The Way Of The Arc Champion for December 2017 is the Facilities Team,Fred Wheeler, Peter Housser, Bob Brideau

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Do What’s Right by the Client

Do It Right the First Time

Mark Twain is credited with many quotes. One most of us know is, “If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.” Our facilities team embraces that quote and is always ready for the ever changing weather here in North Central Massachusetts.

While most of you know the members of our facilities team, they are largely behind-the-scenes staff who do their workday in and day out, responding both to the well-scheduled tasks right along with the emergencies that pop up and must be responded to 24/7. You may not realize it but they are called out on the cold, dark nights to troubleshoot heat or plumbing emergencies to name a couple of examples. They also respond to snow – lots and lots of snow.

For most staff, Christmas Day is a day for joyful celebrations, too much food, and family traditions. Unless you are staffing a group home, work is not on the minds of most staff. That was not true for our facilities team this December. We had a “White Christmas”. Since each facilities team member is considered “essential personnel”, they are required to respond as needed. They were out Christmas Day, plowing, salting, and sanding each of our nine group homes and our Main Street campus. They led by example with positive attitudes and never made a big deal about their own holiday being disrupted. They did what was right by the clients, our clients’ families, and our staff.

Just a few weeks ago, they did their excellent snow management work once again without making a big deal of it and supporting each other so no one became exhausted and unsafe in what turned out to be a twelve plus hour storm. For those of you who were here on Friday morning, you arrived to a cleared lot with ice melt spread and easy access to the building.

We recognize the Facilities Team as The Way of The Arc Champions for December 2017 for their dedication to service excellence and their commitment to living out The Way of The Arc Fundamentals each and every day.


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