The Way of The Arc Champion for April 2020 is Meghan Lowe, Day Relief in CBDES

As the COVID-19 changes impact programming within the residential homes, a need arose in a Worcester location unexpectedly. Meghan, without complaining, embraced change by leaving the local home that she was commuting to and added a significant drive to her days by jumping in where her service was most needed. Staff reported that she made quality personal and treated people with dignity. When the needs again changed, Meghan willingly switched her gears again and began spending her days trudging all over the north central area, taking an intelligent risk by shopping for essential grocery items for each and every one of the residential homes that The Arc provides essential service through. This had never been done by one staff person before, and Meghan navigated the logistical issues that popped up along the way with ease. She has been a positive example of thinking team first, and I believe she deserves to be The Way of The Arc Champion for the month of April.

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