Stephanie’s Journey to Walking

It's hard to forget Stephanie's smile and frequent expression of, “I am happy!” People who know Stephanie describe her as outgoing and friendly with a positive attitude that is contagious. Stephanie’s smile always brightens the room!

Throughout Stephanie’s life, she has strived to maintain her mobility; however as she ages, she has become more dependent on a wheelchair and less able to ambulate with a walker. Two surgeries were recommended to Stephanie to achieve her goal of remaining independence and she knew the surgeries carried risks that would affect her ability to walk again.

Last September, Stephanie chose to have the first surgery needed to repair her legs. Intense and difficult rehabilitation followed the surgery before she was able to return home. Throughout this journey, Stephanie’s positive attitude kept her moving, - literally! Stephanie is now back to using her walker!

In March, Stephanie returned to The Arc’s Day Habilitation program. Her first day back was as if she never had left. Her friends were delighted to have her back at The Arc. Each day Stephanie achieves huge strides towards strengthening her legs with support from The Arc. Even with a second surgery ahead, Stephanie focuses on a journey that will enhance her quality of life.

Stephanie's ability to overcome obstacles with positive thinking is a lesson for all. The Arc is excited to have Stephanie back and wish her further growth and happiness!

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