Shining Stars Award

The Human Rights Committee of The Arc of Opportunity is a small group of dedicated people who meet monthly to assure that the human rights of the vulnerable people we serve are preserved. Clinical, legal and medical professionals sit side-by-side with family members and individuals to review policy, assure that staff are fully trained, approve behavior guidelines, and review every incident, medication treatment plan, and supportive protocol.

Even though the Human Rights Committee has undergone some turnover this past year, others have generously stepped up to fill the roles so that the highest level of respect and dignity is afforded to every individual who walks into The Arc of Opportunity.

Every meeting is full of opportunities to ask good questions and make recommendations. During a recent meeting questions about a particular protocol resulted in discovering a misdiagnosis by primary care physician. By the Human Rights Committee recommending that additional screening and testing be done, a more accurate diagnosis was arrived at that assure that better and more appropriate safety protocols could be developed for the individual

The dedication of the Human Rights Committee is part of what makes The Arc of Opportunity THE premier human service agency in North Central Massachusetts.


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