Remembering Todd, Take Your Best Shot

Todd joined The Arc’s Day Habilitation Program in March of 2001 only one month after the program opened. He quickly developed a routine that stuck with him over the next eighteen years skipping into the building from his bus singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” and humming the “Batman” theme song on his departure. His enjoyment at The Arc derived from spending time with his friends in the program and participating in two of his favorite activities: creating models with Legos and playing basketball. Those who knew Todd understood his happiness through participating in these activities.

Since his childhood, Todd strived to overcome a variety of health concerns. With the help of his mother, he managed these incredibly well. Over a year ago, Todd suffered a broken hip forcing him to leave Day Hab and spent time in rehabilitation. During the healing process, he developed other health concerns and spent months improving, declining, and improving yet again. With Todd's strong spirit and his family's dedication to his recovery, he was ultimately discharged from rehab.

After a year of absence, Todd came back to The Arc. Staff and friends enthusiastically offered him a warm welcome. Due to his injury, Todd’s mobility status had changed. He found it challenging to participate in one of his most loved activities, basketball. With the support from The Arc, Todd was able to play basketball at Day Hab's Annual Summer Party. Those in attendance witnessed Todd’s glowing excitement as he stood out of his wheelchair to shoot a basketball.

Todd passed away on Monday, July 22, 2019. Although his friends, staff, and family deeply miss him, The Arc is grateful that Todd graced all our lives for the last 18 years.

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