Mickey’s Amazing Recovery

Mickey started attending our Day Hab program in August of last year. Prior to coming to Day Hab, Mickey spent a significant amount of time in a nursing facility recovering from a life-threatening illness. During his recovery he experienced significant complications which greatly impacted his health. Not only had Mickey lost a lot of mobility, he had also lost a great deal of his independence. According to Mickey it was, “very scary”.

When his Case Manager and the Division Director of Day Hab went to meet Mickey before his transition to his new group home and day program, the first thing that Mickey said was "I don't ever want to do this again". He was well aware of what he had been through and was determined to work on getting himself healthy again.

Mickey’s transformation since he began attending Day Hab has been amazing to witness. In the beginning, he required a wheelchair when transporting from his house to the program and he needed a walker to ambulate. He struggled to walk even short distances, needing to stop and take breaks frequently. None of this kept Mickey from smiling and being determined to work hard and meet his goals. Mickey’s hard work has certainly paid off. After just 2 months, Mickey was able to walk in from the bus independently with his walker. After 3 months, he was able to complete 1 lap around the Day Hab area with his walker, and fast forward to present day and Mickey has lost 30 lbs and is able to walk up to 2 laps without his walker.

Mickey is truly an inspiration. He feels better and has gained a lot of his independence back; however, he is not done yet. In Mickey’s first meeting at Day Hab, the goal was that one day he would be healthy enough to transition from Day Hab and return to employment. With that as the new goal, Mickey is working harder than ever. When asked today how his PT is going, he responded, “I think I may be ready for 3 laps”.

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