Meet Shevonne

Shevonne woke up over 1,296 miles from home.

Battling substance use, Shevonne left Massachusetts for Florida in hope of a fresh start. After a night with friends and under the influence, Shevonne was thrown from her motorcycle landing 150 feet from the crash site. In a coma, doctors predicted Shevonne would never walk or talk again. Shevonne spent three years in a nursing home before starting a new life when she moved into one of The Arc’s group homes for people with an acquired brain injury.

Shevonne, now 36, is committed to sobriety determined to transform her life. She became active in a local organization that provides support to people with substance use issues. During COVID-19, Shevonne participates in virtual Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings and finds meaningful relationships in her community. Shevonne plans to become a sponsor one day and inspire others to focus on their recovery. Shevonne made the best of 2020: she rediscovered her confidence, found purpose, and learned to walk without assistance. Shevonne remains close with her two daughters, partner, and family.

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