Hugs for Houston

On September 15th, 2017, IIHS department held a party in Leominster State Forest. Upon hearing about the unfortunate circumstances of the Hurricanes in Texas and Florida, our team decided to raise money to help individuals in that area get back on their feet. Prior to the party, case managers discussed the situation with their individuals and some individuals decided to donate money to the Arc of Greater Houston in order to help people in need.

The party itself was a lovely picnic in Leominster State Forest on some benches by the water. Some individuals participated in fishing and some went on a walk through the woods with staff. There was music playing and jovial conversation. There was pizza and homemade food for people to enjoy the day with.

At the party, individuals made signs to help show their support for the victims of the hurricane down in Texas. The individuals decorated posters to show their support of the victims and added their signatures to a poster. This community of people raised 51 dollars in order to go to Texas to the Arc of Greater Houston. We hope our contribution can help people in that area get back on their feet from the devastation of the storms.

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