Bill's Transformation

When Bill started in The Arc’s Day Habilitation program four years ago, he was quiet, reserved and mostly kept to himself. During Bill’s time in the Day Habilitation program he has grown leaps and bounds. The Day Habilitation’s art therapist helped Bill learn to express himself through art and this ignited a slow but steady transformation in him. He began socializing more with his peers and staff members and you will now generally observe Bill saying hello to everyone in the morning. He adores telling jokes and frequently waits for the opportunity to spread laughter amongst his peers and staff members.

There has been one goal that Bill has been working towards obtaining this past year which is to attend a community excursion. In recent months Bill expressed the desire to attend a community activity at a bowling alley. Day Habilitation staff members leaped at this opportunity and encouraged Bill to attend a bowling day trip scheduled in May.

That morning everyone anxiously awaited to see if Bill would commit to going on the scheduled bowling trip. He arrived that day excited for his adventure and was delighted at his opportunity to dominate his peers and staff members in bowling. Bill declared to everyone he was an amazing bowler and that they would be dazzled by his bowling skills. He was able to live up to his reputation as a fierce bowler and had the high score of the day.

Participating in this community excursion for Bill was an immense accomplishment for him. It truly demonstrates the progress he has made. He now possesses a confidence and happiness that makes him a joy to be around. Bill’s hard work and dedication to conquer personal obstacles and go out on a community excursion has been inspirational to everyone in the Day Habilitation’s program.

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