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Individualized In-Home Supports

The Individualized In-Home Supports (IIHS) provides community based services to individuals with developmental disabilities.  The IIHS program is designed to allow program participants to successfully live independently within their own apartment and/or home. Services are provided in the North Central and Greater Worcester Areas and are funded by the Department of Developmental Disabilities. 

The IIHS program strives to provide skill building services to assist supported individuals to learn or maintain independence within the community.   IIHS program participants are provided with person-centered case management which allows each program participant to receive customized services to their individual needs and goals.  Moreover, IIHS places a strong emphasis on encouraging self-advocacy, community integrated employment and activities.  Furthermore, individuals are encouraged to make choices and are supported to live safely and successfully within their own living situation.

The Arc case management provides numerous services to support individuals to be successful in managing their own household.

Some Services provided:

  • Representative Payee for Social Security benefits
  • Assistance and attendance with coordinating Doctor/Dental/Specialist appointments and transportation.
  • Assistance and attendance with Therapy and Psychiatric appointments and transportation.
  • Providing access to community based activities
  • Assistance with obtaining and maintaining entitlements.  For example: food stamps, utility discounts, fuel assistance, section 8 housing, Mass vouchers, Mass Health, Medicare, Social Security and other governmental services.
  • Coordinating with multiple resources for employment and volunteer opportunities
  • Coordinating team meetings with all agencies or individuals involved for IIHS individuals
  • ADL Skills training
  • Funds Management Skill building with budgets, spending and saving
  • House Cleaning-Skill Building with visual aids
  • Social integration
  • Healthy Lifestyle instruction and classes
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Meal Planning/Nutrition

The IIHS team is dedicated to providing the best possible supports with effective communication, passion, knowledge of resources, professionalism and dedication.  We place an emphasis on a team approach to support the IIHS participants while promoting human rights, quality of life, choice, respect and dignity.  Finally, we welcome creativity and “out of the box” ideas or suggestions to promote a successful program.